What Is an ADA Porta Potty?

A ada porta potty is a portable toilet designed to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for handicapped access. These toilets are spacious and sturdy, with wide interiors that allow wheelchairs to move freely. They also feature wider doors and ramps that make them easier to enter and exit.

ADA compliant toilets are an essential part of any outdoor event, and they’re required by law in many locations, including construction sites and amusement parks. These units can help you avoid costly fines and build a good reputation for your company or organization. In addition, if you don’t provide the proper facilities for your guests, they may report you to the government or cause injury to themselves.

In addition to the space requirements for wheelchairs, the ADA Standards for Accessible Design demand adequate knee and toe clearance in the restroom. These spaces are usually at the bottom of a door or under fixtures like sinks. To ensure that these requirements are met, ada porta potties often feature wider doors and ramps with a slope no greater than 1:12.

Hygiene On-Site: Construction Restroom Rentals Explained

If you’re planning a temporary event, ADA regulations dictate that handicap-accessible restrooms must make up at least 5% of the total number of units at your site. They must also be grouped into clusters that are no more than 20 feet apart. If your event is exclusively for construction workers, you can be exempt from this requirement. However, you should still offer ADA portable toilets in the locations where they’re needed most.