Water-Soluble Collection

Water-Soluble Collection

The term water-soluble art supplies typically evokes thoughts of pencils, chalk, pastel and felt-tip pens that work with watercolor techniques to give a similar end result. These tools are a great addition to any artist’s toolbox.

For example, Caran d’Ache’s Supracolor Aquarelle water-soluble colored pencils are a fantastic option for adding color to a sketch or drawing. When dry, the colors appear to be solid graphite but when damp they become transparent and allow for gradations and shading. They can even be used with a mop or wash brush to create an impression of watercolor washes. Source

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Similarly, Derwent’s Graphitint colored pencils offer a unique experience for coloring with watercolor techniques. These water-soluble colored pencils are a combination of a high-quality Ticonderoga graphite writing pencil with earthier tones from the Inktense line. When used with a traditional water brush they will leave you with a soft yet vibrant effect.

Water-soluble materials are also popping up in the fashion world. Hussein Chalayan’s recent Paris Fashion Week show featured a series of outfits that seemed to dissolve and melt away under the power of water. These soluble fabrics are fixated into the clothing using a special chemical reaction that produces the desired effect.

These innovative textiles are just one of many examples of the ways that water-soluble materials are taking over our lives. The technology is gaining popularity amongst designers and consumers and it appears that the possibilities are limitless.