Sports News

Sports news is a subcategory of the newspaper industry that includes coverage of major and minor league sports events as well as local high school and college athletics. It is a popular feature of many newspapers and magazines, which also produce specialized online sports sites and broadcast sports shows.More info

Like all forms of journalism, the development of sports news has been influenced by changes in technology and social and political developments. The advent of the penny press made it possible for newspapers to publish more tabloid-style sections, which often included sports news. The sport news section was usually located at the front of the paper, or at the very least on the back page, and it began to attract the attention of some of the finest writers in the industry.

Behind the Stats: Analytics and Insights Driving Sports Strategies

The early years of sports journalism saw a focus on horse races and boxing, as both events appealed to a wide range of social strata. The socially elite often viewed sporting events as expressions of class and status, and the popularity of bare-knuckle fights led Pierce Egan to coin the term “the Sweet Science” to describe prizefighting.

Modern sports journalism has expanded to include stories that transcend the events themselves. The story of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball was a significant cultural event, while the salaries paid to top athletes and the cost to build sports stadiums have become important topics of debate. In addition, controversial issues such as the use of performance-enhancing drugs have intruded into the news pages.