Professional Colored Pencils

The art of crayons de couleurs professionals can be a highly satisfying endeavor. It’s a medium that takes time and patience to learn the many different techniques involved. From hatching (making parallel lines), cross-hatching, layering, and burnishing, to scraping, adding textures and creating reflections, it’s a very versatile medium. Regardless of your skill level, colored pencils are an essential tool for any artist’s arsenal.

There are a wide variety of professional-grade colored pencils on the market. They can range from basic student-grade colored pencils, to artist and professional-grade colored pencils that have higher concentrations of pigments, softer cores and better lightfastness. Some other factors that determine the quality of a colored pencil are its durability, core stability, and break and water resistance.

Vivid Visions: Elevating Your Art with Professional Colored Pencils

For the most part, professional-grade colored pencils will have high opacity and color output as well as a sturdy, durable construction that can withstand significant use and handling. In addition, the cores are often able to withstand a significant amount of pressure and can create a large quantity of colored marks on the paper.

The best professional-grade colored pencils are made by artists for artists. They are generally labeled with a number and name on the barrel for easy identification and come in a sturdy case that’s ideal for travel. These sets also feature a large selection of colors and are a great option for both beginner and advanced artists alike. They make a wonderful gift for friends, family and fellow art lovers.