IGCSE Chemistry Tuition Near Me

IGCSE Chemistry tuition near me

Chemistry is a science subject that examines the transformation of matter, and links with physics, biology, geology and other natural sciences. It is known as ‘the central science’ and students can find it challenging and rewarding at the same time. Chemistry is a practical subject so lab work plays a large part in the syllabus and our tutors have experience teaching students how to conduct practical investigations, and also how to record the results accurately and efficiently.

IGCSE Chemistry tuition near me  covers a broad range of topics including the nature of matter, experimental techniques, atoms, elements and compounds, stoichiometry, chemical energy, acid, bases and salts, Periodic table, metals, air and water. Many of these topics include numerical practice and our IGCSE chemistry home tutors have developed a range of exercises to help students learn how to practise their calculations efficiently and get the best marks in their exam papers.

Cracking the Code to IGCSE Chemistry: Finding Quality Tuition Nearby

In addition to helping you with your mathematical skills, our IGCSE chemistry tutors can help with your conceptual understanding of the subject, and provide guidance on exam technique. This holistic approach is crucial to success in chemistry, and our tutors have helped students of all abilities receive top marks thanks to their extensive experience, holistic teaching style and engaging discussions.

An experienced teacher, who has taught Biology, Chemistry and Maths up to GCSE (and Physics to A Level). She believes that all students can achieve and progress with the right support, and enjoys motivating her students and helping them develop independent learning skills.