Durable Waterproofing For Car Park Decks

durable waterproofing for car park decks

Durable waterproofing for car park decks are subject to huge dynamic loads, thermal fluctuations and abrasion. They are often also exposed to chemical contaminants like fuels and oils. Water ingress can cause concrete deterioration, steel reinforcement corrosion and even structural damage. Therefore durable waterproofing is key to long term structural stability and operational efficiency of parking structures.

Fortunately, modern car park deck coating solutions such as mastic asphalt and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) based liquid surfacing and waterproofing offer aesthetically pleasing surfaces and extreme durability. This combination enables them to meet the demands of both new and refurbishment projects, including ground bearing and intermediate decks, entrance and ramp areas and top or exposed parking decks. These solutions are particularly suitable for underground car parks, top or exposed areas that are heavily trafficked and subject to abrasion, as well as for ramps where they experience high shear forces.

Built to Last: The Superiority of Durable Waterproofing for Car Park Decks

They are also able to reliably bridge cracks, withstand movements and decorate roof car park structures that are exposed to the elements. Their UV, weather and chemical resistance helps to ensure that the waterproofing membrane stays in place for a long time.

It is very important that the waterproofing is tested regularly to verify its integrity, particularly where there are areas of significant movement. Flowcrete offers the Electric Leak Detection (ELD) testing method which is ideal for this type of application, since it is safe, non-destructive and fast. Using the ELD system, the electrical conductivity of the concrete and the adhered membrane is measured. A breach in the membrane will cause a disruption in the electrical conductivity, which is then recorded as an indication of a leak location.